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A Non-Profit Sports-Based Youth Development And Education Organization Based In Durham, NC

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Vision Statement

TFNCSA exists so that all youth can THRIVE

Our Mission

TFNCSA will provide a family-oriented environment where all youth we serve can develop academic, athletic, and social skills that are foundational in making sound decisions and reaching their fullest potential.

TFNCSA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is committed to establishing an environment that incorporates the community and all of its resources to nurture and support the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of each child. Our dedication is to equip each child with information, mentoring, and support that leads to better decision making and the desires to achieve more than what their environment may display or what odds lie against them. We believe that education and opportunities can create the substance that dreams and aspirations are made of.

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Specifically, TFNCSA uses sports as a "magnet" to attract children into our organization. By providing gang prevention services, educational programs, social activities, community service projects, TFNCSA is able to provide leadership, mentorship, and unite the families of each child to create a cohesive, supportive "village" structure that creates the environment that allows each child to THRIVE.

Our Team

Our dedicated team are passionate about providing consistency and leadership for each child. Each team member works tirelessly to not only achieve but exceed our goal as a charity. The only thing that is more rewarding than seeing the sustained improvement of each child educationally, behaviorally, and physically is being able to reward each child for their hard work by providing educational and social outings.

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Who We Are

What We Do

TFNCSA offers comprehensive middle school and high school educational, athletic, financial, and social programs that creates an environment where our youth can THRIVE. This growth and development leads to increased confidence which strengthens the child’s mental, emotional, and physical health. TFNCSA is dedicated to “The Family” structure that is created by the Coaches, mentors, volunteers, and family members of our youth. This structure is paramount, as it provides the resources, support, and love that it takes to help our youth reach their fullest potential.

Our Core Values

TFNCSA is comprised of six core values that all work synergistically to help TFNCSA participants achieve success on and off the basketball court.

The Core Values of TFNCSA are represented by the following:
Fun - An authentic expression or experience of freedom, joy, and happiness.
Accept(ed) - Acceptance can help you love all parts of yourself, flaws and all.
Motivate(d) - Being motivated by your values means that you will achieve a greater sense of meaning in life.
Inspire(d) - Through the power of inspiration, TFNCSA can make others’ lives better, we can help our youth become more successful in their lives.
Love(d) - The most important value to build high-trust relationships.
Youth - TFNCSA are there for youth when they need it the most.

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We have been working tirelessly for our cause for many years now, and our dedicated team does whatever they can to raise awareness and encourage the local community to get involved. Our mentoring programs represent a major impact in the course of many. 

Our Programs

Our Latest Camp: Leadership Summit for Students

Saturday, July 1, 2023
Durham Boys and Girls Club
TFNCSA will host a leadership summt this summer for students in grades 8-12 who aspires to be a leader. Click HERE to learn more.
This event is FREE and includes snacks, lunch, and a goodie bag.

Interested in volunteering as a coach, mentor, or event speaker?

We would love to hear from you.

Make A Donation

Mr. Casey Mitchell is the leader and visionary of The Family NC Sports Academy . His entire executive team is committed to exposing high risk, low income, and all children ages 5 through 18 to comprehensive year round athletic, educational, and mentorship programs. Casey wholeheartedly believes that all sports combined with educational programs (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics [S.T.E.A.M] can inspire our youth to THRIVE in every aspect of their lives. The Family NC Sports Academy also focuses on life skills such as leadership development, financial literacy, meal etiquette, the importance and responsibility of social media, and other tools to help children and teens boost their athletic ability and improve physical fitness while promoting and instilling the life-skills needed to become positive and productive community leaders.

TFNCSA is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible and your donation will be applied to the program of choice.

Thank You To Our Sponsors:

Partnered with:
Durham PAL • Triangle Thunder Wheelchair Basketball Team

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Interested in making a donation? Click HERE to learn ways to donate.

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TFNCSA 'Confidence' sponsor includes:

  • Company Logo/Individual Photo on TFNCSA website
  • Company Logo/Individual Name on Basketball Camp T-Shirt
  • Company Logo/Individual Name on Basketball Camp Retractable Wall
  • Welcome/Sponsor Table at our Basketball Camp
  • Speaking Engagement at our Basketball Camps
  • Customized Social Media Banner Post (on TFNCSA Social Media Networks)
  • Your donation helps kids THRIVE in so many postive ways.


    Character Sponsor

    $999 - $500

    TFNCSA 'Character' sponsor includes:

  • Company Logo/Individual Photo on TFNCSA website
  • Company Logo/Individual Name on Basketball Camp T-Shirt
  • Company Logo/Individual Name on Basketball Camp Retractable Wall
  • Welcome/Sponsor Table at our Basketball Camp
  • Your donation allows kids to go places, and see things to expand their knowledge and potentially peak new interests.


    Integrity Sponsor

    $499 - $100

    TFNCSA 'Integrity' sponsor includes:

  • Company Logo/Individual Photo on TFNCSA website
  • Company Logo/Individual Name on Basketball Camp T-Shirt
  • Your donation allows kids to participate in field trips and provides food and beverages.


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